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Winz beauty is a non traditional beauty brand. Not only do we focus on nourishing your outer beauty but we believe its just as important to nourish your inner beauty. Our goal is to help you create healthy relationship with yourself from the skin you are in to the insides of your heart. With both sectors we will help you reclaim the beauty that already exists within.

Our outer beauty sector consist of our all natural raw ingredient product line that will provide the highest level of hair and skin hydration .As well as Winz beauty studio where we offer hair and makeup services to enhance your natural beauty. We specialize in precision short cuts, coloring, and overall healthy hair.

With our outer beauty sector our primary focus is to assist you on your journey of deepening the love you have for yourself. As well as healing from any past experiences that are holding you back from letting your inner beauty shine out. Our outer beauty sector is currently in development but we look to launch different tools, classes as well as opening up coaching sessions with Dr. Wendy in early 2021.

In the mean time remember to be your own kind of beautiful and in doing so live by example and stride for greatness, confidence,  elegance, grace, and humbleness to just be you!

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Dr .Wendy Geiger is renowned hair artisan, a certified life coach and an entrepreneur. Since graduating cosmetology school from Scanners Beauty Academy in 1989 she has enjoyed helping women enhance their natural beauty over the last 30 years. Dr.Wendy likes to keep her skill set just like her sheers and that is sharp! She continues to further her educations by taking classes and getting certified in new techniques as the industry evolves. 


While being a hair artisan Dr. Wendy also realized the work that needed to be done internally. She understood the important of not only looking good on the outside but caring for yourself emotionally and spiritually. After doing her own healing she received her doctrine in Metaphysics along with her Life Coaching certificate through the Anu Practice in 2018 and 2019. She has now made it her goal to spread the healing.

As an Entrepreneur Dr. Wendy has co-owned 2 Hair salons over the spand of 10 years. She is now embarking on her most exciting endeavor which is Winz Beauty. With this endeavor Dr.Wendy goals is help people create healthy relationship with their hair and skin as well as reclaiming their beauty from the inside, outside. She has created a line of body care products to assist while still doing hair in Winz beauty studio. As a certified life coach she is also in the works creating a line of products to assist people in their internal healing journey. This will be launching later this year.



Wendy has been my hairstylist for over the pass 6 or more years. She has done an amazing job in ensuring that the colors and styles of my hair is always on point. 

I have been living in Maryland for my whole life and have found it very difficult to find top quality and reliable hair stylists who are committed in not only having the experience and knowledge in whats going to suit you best, but the flexibility in ensuring that if i were to have something come up last minute and need my hair done Wendy makes it priority to help me out and style my hair.

Wendy has an amazing ability to style and color my hair in a way that is beyond my personal forsight, i trust her completly when she suggests a new style or color and have to date only been overcome how wonderful and special she has made me look and feel.

I have reccomended many of my friends and family and have heard nothing but good reports, and i will continue to be one of Wendy very satisfied customers.


I must say she has been blessed with them MAGIC HANDS🤚🏽🤚🏽🤚🏽


What can I say about the Beauty Master Dr. Wendy Win….. Let me begin by saying Wendy has been my stylist, my confidant, my tribe sister, but most of all my friend for more than 20  years. She has seen me at my best and seen me at my worst. I would not trust my hair to anyone but her. Long, short, natural, or quick weave, she always has me right. My hair is short and sassy, and I constantly get compliments on my cut. She is also the bomb colorist.


Not only is Wendy an amazing stylist, her upbeat personality, bubbly spirit, and genuine love for me and the rest of her clients is evident every time I’m there. Her smile lights up the room and the entire salon experience from the deep conversations to the soulful music always makes me feel good. When I leave the salon, I always walk out feeling more beautiful and confident than when I walked in. 

 In addition, as a Registered Nurse, I appreciate the attention to detail and concern for my safety and the safety of others by her strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols. In times like these when there is so much uncertainty having a stylist you can depend on makes all the difference.

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